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Our Expertise

Hotel Management

The Early Bird Night Owl team can assist with Hotel Operations, Commercial Strategy, Finance & Accounting, and People & Culture.

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We develop and operate high-quality hotels with long-term viability. We regard our stakeholder’s investment as our own, standing accountable and transparent to our actions.

We achieve results through:

Profitability. Utilizing effective expense and labor cost management tools and processes to deliver desired margins.

Sustainable efficiency. Investing in our mechanical, operational, and information technology systems to drive reliability and maximize impact.

Recruiting. Seeking team members with an authentic spirit to serve and the skills and attributes that are critical to delivering operational excellence.

Realistic operational budgets. Developed through market knowledge, historical outcomes, competitive analysis, anticipated trends, and lots and lots of data. We continually forecast against our budget and proactively set strategies to achieve our goals.

In short, we take care of our business.


Commercial Strategy

We have taken the traditional revenue-generating departments and combined them under one umbrella with leadership and development. This provides a holistic total hotel revenue mindset that fuels top-line revenue and greater profitability.

Sales builds relationships. With a fundamental belief that long-term success comes through relationships and not transactional encounters, we recruit engaged sales professionals, focused on building awareness and forming community partnerships to create and grow a reliable pipeline of top-line revenue for each property. We focus on our customers’ needs and provide flexibility, creativity, and a personal touch to each solution.

Marketing tells the story. By way of our industry partnerships, team members’ expertise, and integration of current technology in search engine optimization, digital marketing campaigns, social media engagement, reputation management, and email marketing, we’re able to effectively reach and engage our audience in a relevant and accessible manner to direct traffic through our website. We are always creating, implementing, measuring, and realigning our strategies to ever-changing industry best practices to draw the most from our marketing investments so we can remain connected with our guests.

Revenue Management likes to win; the right way. We have a steadfast desire to drive market share and profitability through our revenue management strategies and internet distribution channel partnerships, by working in concert with our sales, e-Commerce, and digital marketing teams.


Finance & Accounting

Accountability and transparency are the backbone of our business. Through streamlined daily reporting, ongoing statement reviews, and sound internal controls, we effectively manage cash flow and maximize profitability. Standard accounting procedures and policies are implemented and overseen by our accounting team for all existing, new build, and acquired properties to ensure seamless integration into our collection of hotels.

Systems. Use of integrated accounting, payroll and operating systems for seamless flow of financials and reporting.

Financial Controls. Bank account maintenance and reconciliation, tax processing, insurance, audits, and accounts payable.

Reporting. Monthly & year-end financial reporting and budgeting application.


People & Culture

We bring our properties to life by nurturing passionate, caring, and dedicated team members who live out the property’s mission and core values, aligned around our common goal of managing great hotels & restaurants, providing genuine hospitality, and welcoming the world to our home. We celebrate our wins, bond together through our challenges, and have fun along the way.

Recruiting. Seek and onboard team members with an authentic spirit to serve, kindness, and the skills and attributes that are critical to delivering excellence.

Retention. Provide training & education, opportunities for advancement, and payroll and benefit administration.

Risk Management. Oversee general liability, workers compensation, regulatory compliance.

Restaurant Management

With a focus on Community, Intentionality, Quality, and Financial Acumen, the Early Bird Night Owl team ensures no detail is overlooked.

Roof Durham interior

Creating a profitable restaurant requires a harmonious blend of creativity, business acumen, and a deep understanding of what resonates with diners. With this in mind, we focus on community, intentionality, quality, and financials.

Our restaurant management expertise involves weaving these threads together—a delicate balance of financial modeling, brand narratives, and operational practices. And when executed with finesse, the result is more than a place to eat; it’s a cherished memory etched into the hearts of patrons.


Deeply rooted. A thriving restaurant concept is deeply rooted in its community. It’s not just about serving food; it’s about becoming an integral part of the neighborhood. We create a space that feels like an extension of home—a place where regulars gather, celebrations unfold, and stories are shared over meals.


Every detail matters. From the choice of ingredients to the layout and design of the space to the thoughtful training of the team, intentionality shapes the guest experience. Even the music playlist and lighting contribute to the overall ambiance.


Quality is the restaurant’s signature. It’s not just about sourcing the finest ingredients; it’s about maintaining consistency. Whether it’s a humble taco joint or an upscale bistro, patrons return for that perfectly seared steak, that impeccably brewed coffee, or that heavenly slice of cake.


Financial acumen. We understand the impact suppliers, labor models, inventory management, menu engineering, marketing campaigns, and operational systems can have on the bottom line. Keeping a watchful eye on the operational impact on the restaurant’s overall financial success is not optional, it’s necessary.

Marketing Services

We are a marketing partner for independent and branded hotels and restaurants.

a woman and two men sitting on the rooftop patio of The Willard

Marketing is a key pillar of our approach to hotel and restaurant management, and we believe it’s this approach that allows our properties to be authentic, welcoming spaces that add value to their communities.

Independent properties must work harder to reach and connect with potential guests, so we focus heavily on finding, nurturing, and growing a community for each property we work with, driving interest through engaging activations and always presenting a consistent brand image.

Through our success with our managed properties, we now offer marketing services to non-managed hotels and restaurants. We view marketing as a holistic effort where all levers must be available and engaged depending on the property’s specific needs at any given time. We do not charge for services a la carte, but include all of the following:

Planning & Strategy

Plan to succeed. We maintain a rolling calendar of marketing activations in collaboration with the on-property operations team. This calendar is at the heart of and feeds our marketing strategy, giving us regular touchpoints to draw the attention of and engage with potential guests. From seasonal features to community partnerships, we’ll gain attention for your property through regular news pegs.

Brand Management

Protecting your most valuable asset. An independent property’s brand is of utmost importance, and our team ensures that all external communication maintains a consistent and professional presentation. We manage your website and business listings and oversee all visuals including photography and content creation (whether done in-house or through our professional partners), collateral design, signage, advertising, and more.

Social Media

Driving the conversation. Being active on social media allows us to stay top of mind with potential guests, present news to current guests, and reach new audiences. We offer management of Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, X, and LinkedIn with a focus on presenting interesting, relevant content that our audience will engage with. In addition, we work with social media influencers and content creators to grow our audiences, extend reach for promotions, and drive awareness.

Email Marketing

A top tool for conversion. We maintain a regular cadence of email communication with your audience. For hotels, depending on your CRM, we can establish and maintain a cadence of automated communication that follows a guest through their pre- and post-booking funnel.

Paid Media

Paid advertising boosts organic efforts. We manage paid digital advertising both through third-party agencies and in-house. Depending on your goals, our team may recommend paid search or paid social campaigns, display retargeting, metasearch (for hotels), or sponsorships of community publications.

Public Relations

Driving buzz through frequency. Developing relationships with local press media and influentials is key. Whether through a third-party PR team or in-house, we utilize the activations from our marketing calendar to drive mentions by the press, increasing property awareness and driving desired conversions.